The THERMAL FOGGER With two inlet pipes, the thermal fogger is a dual purpose fogger especially designed for applying water as well as oil based solutions.
Features include a 4.5 plastic tank, a flow rate of 40 LPH (10.6 GPH)and automatic start.
With a net weight of only 8.5 litres (2.25 gal.), the thermal fogger is capable of dispersing disinfectants and insecticides quickly and effectively in a variety of locations such as parks, warehouses, greenhouses, factories, farms, poultry houses, silos and more.

The THERMAL FOGGER range will also come with additional options including a manual start only, auto start (standard), and dual start. A materials option is also available, including an all stainless-steel option for applying more corrosive chemicals.
Manufactured with durability and resistance in mind, this portable thermal fogger is made from high-grade stainless steel.
As well as resistance to corrosion and heat, this superior steel is also resistant to oil-based chemicals, hydrogen peroxide, kerosene and acids.
Features include a 6.5 stainless steel tank, a flow rate of 50 LPH (13.2 GPH) and automatic start.
Thanks to its simple, durable and efficient design, this thermal fogger will provide you years of durability and performance.