Fly trap is a Light Fly Trap with a nice design which catches all types of flying insects.
in an ecological and clean way.
The insects are attracted by 2 fluorescents UV lamps of 15W and captured by a special glue board,which can be placed and substituted in a few seconds, without opening the trap.
Fly Barrier should be placed at a height of 2,5 - 3 meters, hanged on the wall or placed on a piece of furniture.
If possible, the fly trap should be positioned away from windows.
The large surface of the glue board together with the natural attractants contained in the glue allows a single Fly Barrier to protect an area up to 160 m2.
Lamps and glue boards could be replaced in a few seconds.
To keep the trap efficient, the lamps should be replaced every 12 months and the glue board every 30 days.
Available also with shatterproof lamps. Fly trap is according to the law of food hygiene preparation (HACCP).
Fly Barrier is completely Made in Italy and through strict controls during the production cycle we can grant the high quality of our equipment.
All our appliances carry a 2-year guarantee against all manufacturing faults (except lamps and glue boards).
Thanks to its refined design and its technical features, Fly trap is ideal for the installation in bars, restaurants, bakeries, shops and in general, all the enterprises open to public.